I guess it's been a while between drinks with Dream Ride being our last major film project.  We haven't exactly taken a holiday though when it comes to the video side of JDR. We have a lot coming up in the next few months and the I-105 project is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.
We have invested in a bunch of new camera equipment and computer equipment that is going to help take all of our future videos to another level. In Dream Ride we used two RED Epics and a Phantom Flex. Well, we have just added the RED Epic to our own arsenal of cameras which is a big step forward for us in terms of the quality, resolution and slow motion capabilities.
Armed with our new fleet of equipment and motivation the "JDR Production Team" of myself, Ash and Jay started exploring the possibilities of our next video project.
"I-105: Destination Florida" is about Matt Moss wanting to head over to the East Coast to stay with team mate Malcolm Stewart and ride at their famous compound. Matt doesn't have the right vehicle for a cross country road trip so JStar comes to rescue with a bad-ass Freightliner and Matt and his mechanic Justin hit the road.
We really wanted to try something different with this video. We wanted to have more of a story based video that would in a way require the guys to "act". This was really going to be a challenge for the riders and crew us well as us on the production side.
Logistically it was also I challenge to organize everything we needed to. We had to get a whole crew from the west coast to the east as well as picking up cars, trucks and rental equipment for the cameras. The guys from Answer Racing also used the shoot as a chance to get some shots for their 2013 calendar, and some of the gear looks awesome!
At one point we thought we had blown the video completely when the chopper pilot we had hired to fly for us wouldn't get us within 500 feet of the track! Literally every shot we took made it look like we worked for Google Earth. Sonya Stewart ended up coming to the rescue with a friend of a friend that knew a bad ass pilot! He turned up on the Wednesday morning as we were supposed to wrap up filming and was a straight up cowboy!
We ended up getting VERY close to the action and came away with some great shots from the chopper.
It was a really tough few days of filming with some up and down weather but in the end we came away happy with the result. On the Monday afternoon we were blessed with some amazing afternoon light and then found ourselves on the back foot with overcast conditions.
I-105 is the first of a lot of big stuff to come and I will try check in with some more regular blogs to keep you up to date with some of the production side of JDR Motorsports.
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the videos to come in our "I-105: Destination Florida" series!